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Following the advice from a friend, I’ve just completed a photography course. No longer do I merely point and shoot; I think, point and shoot.

Therefore, I am a photographer. I have the certificate to prove it. QED.

The assessment was to create a panel of images, which for the edification and general delight of the blogsphere can be found below. Enjoy!

I wanted to show the different aspects of the Nant Ffrancon, the valley falling from Llyn Ogwen to the Penrhyn slate tips at Bethesda, North Wales. I included a view of the mountains from one of the old farms, a common shrub, the slate tips and fences, the paths and gates, a High Street shop and the River Ogwen. In creating the panel of images, I took the old coach road to Blaen y Nant Farm, walked along the quarrymen’s paths into Bethesda and returned to St. Ann’s Church where I discovered the graveyard, which despite living here for over thirty years, I had never seen before.

There was snow on the hills.