A Uzbek breakfast

I’m really impressed with the “Full Uzbek” breakfast. Enough to last till dinner.

When I stayed in Tashkent I thought that the breakfast would disintegrate into bread, jam and Nescafé as I headed west, but I’ve not yet been disappointed.

It starts with little bowls of jams, cherries or yogurt. Add to that a small selection of filled pancakes both sweet and savoury. Then comes the basket of bread, a plate of cheese and a meat sausage and some butter. Next a pot of tea arrives (still chai here as well). You think that’s it, but the melon arrives closely followed by a plate of rice or bulgar wheat, tomatoes, potatoes and spinach topped off with an egg or two. There may be some sweets or sweet biscuits to end, or possibly a bowl of fruit. That’s a pretty good meal by any account; beats eggs, bacon and toast in a greasy spoon café on the A1 on a wet weekend.

Another Uzbek breakfast!

I’m not always sure about ‘Monarch of the Glen’ teapots though …