Today was a “you couldn’t make it up” day. I booked the hotel in Sur, Oman from the picture rather than the map. It’s easy to drive to, but a bit far out of town. More of that later. I arrived at 13:30 after the GPS on the phone set me on a variety of diversions. Mind, a repeater sign pointing to the desired exit on the roundabouts would help. Check-in was slick, and I can see the sea from the room over the top of the air-con units. Off I went wandering and within two minutes on the beach I’d found some treasure.

Only little bits, but a reminder of a far-off place. So I wandered down through various back streets and into the fishermans’ area where an old boy was sat with his goats on the water’s edge. As they do, the goats were variously eating cardboard and plastic as well as the roof.

Just after I took the photo I stepped aside for a big 4×4 which pulled in front of a posh house. The driver was a policeman, and I instinctively  panicked reaching for my passport. “Please come for tea”, he offered and ushered me in the the guest room of the house where I was joined by his children, his brother’s children, his wife and sister-in-law. Seven kids in all aged 7-15 all with a variety of English. Two teas later and I excused myself and left them to go back to the beach. For ten minutes all I could do was to wonder exactly what had happened. Of course, it was the hospitality of strangers.